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Computer Parts: We are a leading Wholesale Suppliers of computer parts. We directly import from CHINA according to the specific demand of our customers. Please see the list of items we are importing. If you have any queries why not contact us to get the competitive prices because goods will be delivered direct to you. No agents or wholesalers involved.

Computer parts computer parts

Home Textiles: Bedsheets, curtains, pillow cases, duvet sets, table cloth etc.

bedsheets bedsheets
Luxurious combed cotton bedsheets,
200 thread count 100% cotton
Colours: White, Cream.
Sizes: Flat Fitted
Single: 70"*100"(180cm*254cm) 36"*75"(90cm*190cm)
Double: 90"*100"(230cm*254cm) 54"*75"(135cm*190cm)
King: 100"*100"(254cm*254cm) 60"*78"(150cm*200cm)
Super King: 120"*108"(305cm*275cm) 72"*78"(183cm*200cm)
Pillow Cases: 19"*29"(48cm*74cm )

We also specializes in Table Cloth, Dish Cloth, Curtains, Shower Curtains, Bed Spreads, plain/dyed sheets, Pillows, Matress Covers, Duvet Covers / Sets, and Duvets of all colors and sizes. Our price promise is second to none because there is no middle man involved in it.

Night storage heaters.Towel rails heating. Instant water, oversink and undersink water heating. Hair and hand dryers. Immersion units and programmers. Showers from 7.2KW to 9.6KW, Super and Digital.Flexible Thermofoil heaters are simple to apply, yet capable of higher heat output than traditional metal-clad heaters. The flat design gives excellent heat transfer, long life, and uniform heat.For custom designs specify integral sensors, odd shapes, profiled heat output, and other performance-enhancing options. Then complete your thermal system with Minco sensors and controllers.

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children garments Ladies and gents garments
Quality Polyester & Cotton Sheets Pastel Shades
Polyester and cotton sheets pillowcases and valanced sheets constructed from Combed Yarns for a smoother handle.
Pastel Colours: White, Blue, Pink, Ivory, Sage, Willow, Lemon, Peach, Cream.
Sizes Flat Fitted:
Single:70"*100"(178cm*254cm) 36"*75"(91cm*190cm)
Double:94"*100"(239cm*254cm) 54"*75"(135cm*190cm)
King: 102"*106"(259cm*269cm) 60"*78"(150cm*200cm)
Pillow Cases: 19"*29"(48cm*74cm)
Fitted Sheets boxed depth 9" (23cm)

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Air conditioning equipment: Mobile Air Conditioners -Single Units and Split Systems and Dehumidifiers. Full range of FANS for wall, window or ceiling. Extraction, air movement, humidity for comfort to business or home. Environmentally friendly Single Unit Mobile Air Conditioner with 7,200 Btu/hr 2110W of cooling power.Suitable for room size approx. 4 x 5 metres 12ft x 17.5ft. Environmentally friendly Split System Mobile Air Conditioner with 12,000 Btu/hr (3520W) of cooling power. Suitable for room size approx. 6 x 5 metres (20ft x 16ft).

For wholesale queries of all these products, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact us by phone/fax, and email.


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