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Contact Details: In order to get the quality service, please make sure that you choose the right contact. Please look at all the available links before you make your decision.

Insurance Enquiries: insurancedivision@anwarandco.com
Petroleum Enquiries: petroleumdivision@anwarandco.com
I T Solutions : itsolutions@anwarandco.com
General Queries: queries@anwarandco.com
Accountancy Enquiries: enquiries@anwarandco.com
Finance Enquiries: finance@anwarandco.com

Business Opportunities: To discuss the available business opportunities in private and with confidence, please feel free to contact any of them.

Mr. Rashid Anwar The Managing Director rashid @anwarandco.com
Mr. Shamail Anwar The Operations Director shamail@anwarandco.com
Mr. Navaid Anwar The Marketing Director navaid@anwarandco.com

The Registered and Permanent Office Address:

Anwar and Company
194 - Yorkshire Street, Rochdale, Manchester. England. OL16 2DW
Phone No. +44(1706)526484
Fax No. +44(1706)640862

This website is made for information about Anwar and Company Ltd. If you find any thing in this website offensive please report it to us. We do not take any responsibility for any material published in this website

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